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May 7th 2020




So much for light winds today!  Chris and I pushed off at 5:30am. We looked around the bay for a little while. We found a few fish under RMB. Once the tide got going so did we. I didn't expect to end up where we did. We came out the inlet headed west and didn't stop until we hit NJ. It was a long run for a bunch of schoolies. We came across a gannet shower. As you can see from the screen shots there were tons of bass. However they were all shorts. That lasted for about an hour. After that we trolled mojos all over the place. We had some great marks but I'll be eating chicken tonight. 



The ride back was nice. Once we left NJ the ocean seemed lifeless.  No birds or bunker. It took us an hour to get back inside FI Inlet. Overall it was a good day. The weather coming up looks terrible!











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