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Date:          May 8th, 2015


Time:          5:30 am

Wind:         Flat calm


Location:    GSB


Bait/Lure:   Top water plugs/swim shads


Fish:          4 Bass/  1 Weak/ unlimited Blues

Largest::    31" Blue fish








On board today was my buddy Bob. We hit the honey hole early and were rewarded with the first weakfish of the year. Bob also out fished me by catching three bass to my one. I had a few bass once again come up to the boat but just would not commit. Around 9 a.m. we headed out into a very foggy bay. Despite the fog we were still able to find all the blues you wanted. The bluefish that I'm holding weighed in at a legit 11lbs. My hands are all cut up but who cares, I can't wait to get back out there! The picture of the day is the one in the top right. Those larger dots are blue fish surrounding a pod of bunker. It sucks to be a bunker.

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