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Inshore Weekly update 5/8/2022



The back bay bass bite continues to be real good. With me still being boat-less I jumped on my buddies Brian's boat a few times this past week.  All fish were caught on "walk the dog" type lure, swim shads and live bunker. It's anyone's guess on how the bite will be with 5 days of heavy east winds.  It looks like late Wednesday or Thursday we should be able to get back on the water.



If you follow me on Instagram you already know about me getting a hook in my finger. This is the second time in the last three years that Brian had to remove the hook. Thankfully Brian was able to control the bass immediately.  I'm  also very thankful that the barb came through the skin. I used a paif of Van Staal pliers to cut the barb and back out the hook.  


Not having my boat hurts a lot more than a hook in my hand!









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