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Date:          May 9th, 2015


Time:          1:00 pm

Wind:         Nasty, ENE 17kts


Location:    GSB


Bait/Lure:   Top water plugs


Fish:          unlimited Blues

Largest::    28" Blue fish








With the first weakfish being caught yesterday I couldn't wait to get back out there. The alarm went off at 4:10 am, and I popped right up and dashed to the window. Son of -----. It's raining, it's foggy and winds are blowing hard out of the NE. I grabbed my cell phone and sent a text to Brad to let him know that today's trip was a no-go. 


Around 1pm things seemed to have gotten better outside. Me and my first mate Gina headed out for a very quick trip. It's nasty out in the middle of the bay. As you can see there are still plenty of bluefish around. In fact there are so many that 2 party boats were actually fishng just west of our canal. I have never seen that before. Even though we only lasted about an hour it felt great being out there.

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