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November 11th & 12th 2018


I fished on Roger's boat on Sunday. We had well over 100 bass. In the afternoon it got silly. A fish every time you dropped down. We had bass, blues and we even picked up a bonito. It was windy and choppy. We were east of FI Inlet


I had a full boat on Monday. Brad, Steven, Jake, Sal and I pushed off at first light. As you can see from the photos the ocean was a lake. We were on them pretty good in the morning. As the day went on it turned into a pick. Steven dropped  what looked like a 30lb fish at the boat.  We were west of  FI Inlet.


It's crunch time. I will be pulling the boat within the next 3 weeks. Every chance I get to head out I will. 


Sorry the pictures are terrible.













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