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Date:         November 14th, 2016


Time:         6:00am  


Wind:       sW 10kts-15kts


Location:   Ocean


Bait/Lure:   Bunker


Fish:          Bluefish/striped bass







Let's get the fishing report out of the way. Jim, Bob and I had a great morning of fishing. It was a little rough to start but it laid down after about an hour. We caught some nice bass and huge bluefish.


Here we go... we are fishing some pods and we realize that we aren't the only ones fishing them. There are a few whales and a seal among all the bass, blues and bunker. Bob is hooked up with a bluefish. So I grab the "tools" and get ready to grab the leader and release the fish. As the fish comes to the boat I grab the leader and  at this moment my chest is laying on the gunnel as I'm trying to release the fish. All of a sudden this HUGE brown thing comes skyrocketing from the deep. The first thing that went through my mind was a Goliath grouper. I KNOW THEY ARE FOUND IN FLORIDA, NOT HERE. As my mind shuffles what this may be it stops on a seal. Holy (*(^&(*^.  I'm fighting a seal as he is trying to take Bob's bluefish. I go flying backwards as he wrestles the bluefish from me. Bob with rod still in hand is now fighting the seal on the end of his line. The seal is slamming up against the boat and we are screaming like little girls. I only hope little girls don't use the words we were. The next thing we know the seal takes off spooling Bob's reel. He finally cups it and breaks it off. My heart is beating so fast. Crazy things pop into your head when something like this happens. I sat and thought how lucky I am to have a passion in life that allows me to experience things like this. The short video is the seal right before the attack. He is not a harbor seal. He looks like one of those dogs with wrinkles, a Shar-Pei.





Those of you that may be new to Fishgaak make sure you click on the homepage and look for the Great white shark button. Today was almost a day like that.
































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