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November 14h 2018


I can't say one bad thing about Brian and Bob today. Bob is 75 years young and he hung in there catching bass after bass in some rough conditions. We pushed off around 10 expecting the ocean to settle down. It never happened. I knew if we wanted to catch fish we had to get our butts kicked.  Acres and acres of birds and fish. Were in 55-60' of water. 


Brian had the 3 biggest fish. The biggest went 27 pounds. Most fish were keeper size.  We were west of FI Inlet. All fish were caught on jigs. No bluefish or dogfish. On the way home it got real cold as the sun was setting.


I'm greatful for terrible weather tomorrow. I don't think physically I can head back out. I took a few good shots to my ribs that  caused  a lot of pain. It's taking longer to heal than I thought it would.


No fish in the video, just a lot of waves and white caps.




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