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Date: November 15, 2014



Time:         6:00 am

Wind:         10-15kts NW


Location:    East of FI Inlet


Bait/Lure:   Diamond jigs


Fish:          25

Largest::    23""




Burr... 31 degrees. The bass are still here. I haven't been able to find bigger fish. However I will always take quantity over quality any day to keep the body warm. I headed east out of Fire Island only to find myself all alone. With no signs of life I was ready to turn around and make the long journey back to the west. As I made the turn and I was heading in towards the beach to get out of the wind, I looked up and spotted my binoculars sticking out of my radio box. I grabbed them and scanned the horizon. I couldn't believe what I saw. Hundreds of seagulls pecking at the surface, a sure sign of bass. As I come upon them I can see bass crashing the surface. IT'S ON! They weren't the biggest fish but were a blast to catch. I stayed for about 3 hours until my arms were sore. Not one other boat within 10 miles. The fleet ended up going west. The weather for this week is a mess but I hope to get a few more shots at these bass. I still think we are going to have one more day of really big fish. 


On a side note... The jacket in the pictures is something that I won last year. I do not work for the company but if you cold water fish I suggest you make the investment and BUY ONE, it's made by Stormr USA.


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