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 Date:          November 17th, 2015


Time:          6:15am    

Wind:          15kts NE


Location:    GSB


Lure:          Tsunami Swim Shad?diamond jigs


Fish:         20 bass 




Poked my head out at 4:30 and was not happy. Winds already blowing pretty hard from the NE. Brad, Daryl and Dave showed up on time and we pushed off around 6:15. We headed right back to the spot we fished yesterday. I knew the second I got there nothing was going on. So I got the boat right back up on plane and headed to the inlet. I was convinced that the bass were still around. Sure enough I turned my head and screamed to the guys on the bean bags to get ready, we found them!


Birds and bass were all over. Before the boat came to a full stop Dave was already hooked up. Next up was Daryl. As quick as I could get their fish unhooked they were back in the water hooking up again. Everything was great until Brad hooked into a fish. Even though Brad uses really light tackle I could tell it was a nice fish. I quickly grabbed the net and waited forever for Brad to finally get the fish boat-side. In the net he went. For the rest of the trip and I'm sure for a few more days, Dave, Daryl and I are going to have to hear about Brad's big bass over and over.


I was glad that we were the first on these fish this morning. Once a few more boats showed up and the tide started coming in, I had a feeling that it was going to be over. Despite some nasty wind against tide conditions we did manage to catch a few more bass. As I was behind the wheel I noticed that the bass were hugging the bottom so I dropped a jig down and landed a keeper. We quickly got rid of the swim shads and started to jig. We had about 6-7 more fish.



Take a look at the last screen shot..bass on the bottom. I can't say enough about these electronics.














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