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Date:         November 18th, 2016


Time:         6am  


Wind:         SE 10kts


Location:   Ocean West of Moriches


Bait/Lure:  Rain bait


Fish:          Bluefish/striped bass







Forecast was way off!


It was lumpy and windy.


It's been a strange week. I actually caught the big bass of the day on a treble hook. I thought I snagged it, but as we netted the fish we could see that he hit it like a jig. The treble hook was inside his mouth.


On board today was Thomas, Matt and Carol. They all did great. We had some blues and a bunch of bass. Nothing huge but still a great day with plenty of action. Once again these fish were on rain bait which made them very picky.


With the weather coming we may be shut down until turkey day.


































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