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 Date:          November 24th, 2015


Time:          6:15am    

Wind:         5kts WNW


Location:    Fire Island Inlet


Lure:          Tsunami Swim Shad


Fish:          5 bass 




Burr.. 26 degrees. I stopped at a few places on the way to the inlet and came up empty. Once we got to the inlet we saw birds working the small breakers. Ray and I quickly landed 5 bass. One was a decent keeper. After that we headed west. Unable to find any life we turned around and headed back to the inlet. Once there we found what seemed like the world's largest bunker pod. There was bunker from the inlet all the way east to Ocean Beach. Snagged a  bunch in various locations only to come up empty each time. We headed home on the early side.


One note: I have never seen my canal as clear as it was this afternoon. I was able to see the bottom from the mouth of the canal to my house.











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