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Inshore Weekly update 11/24/2021



Today(11/24) was absolutely insane! In the bay there was 1000s of schoolies. In the Ocean on the bunker pods we found the most aggressive bass that I have ever seen. If you had a live bunker on you got bit. Several times we watched multiple bass fight over the same bunker. Most fish in the ocean were "overs". There was no one near us for most of the day. We got on them at 8am. We left them biting at 2:30PM. JP, Roger and I had a blast.  The video was from inside the bay this morning. The bass were in tight to the beach. I knew this cold hard NW wind would get them chewing. It was cold in the morning however with all the action we warmed up pretty quickly. This bite is far from over. 

Leading up to today we have had a good pick of bass. with trips on the 17th and 20th. 

My neighbor Tommy made me that stain glass mahi. I love it. 



I still don't have word on what's wrong with my boat.

GIna and I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. 







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