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November 26th 2019


I don't think I have ever fished so hard in my life. We found them 18 miles south of FI Inlet. If you travelled between the Yankee and Linda wrecks it would have been impossible to have missed them. With the choppy seas the birds were your guide. There were groups of birds all over the place with bluefin tuna underneath them. We trolled, we jigged and we threw the kitchen sink at them. NOTHING!!! The closest I came to hooking up was when I had one grab the tail of my RonZ but missed the hook. It's an amazing sight watching 100+ pound tuna roll on the surface. I can't imagine how many times I must have cast. I may not get another shot this year but I can assure you the next time I find them one of them is coming home with me!


The ride home was a tough one. The wind picked up and the seas got a little bigger. We pulled into the dock in the dark. Despite not catching a tuna it was a great adventure. 

















































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