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November 30th, 2017








I have been fishing on Rogers boat since I got rid of mine. The fishing has been lights out. Today Tony joined us.






Best day of bass fishing for us. We caught tons of bass. Most were on the jig. It lasted for 7 hours. we had a few drifts that lasted an hour before we had to repostion. A lot of rats until we found some bigger fish. It got silly, we were throwing back 15-20lbs fish. We caught most of the fish between Davis Park and the breach. On the way home there were birds from the lighthouse to the inlet . I love listening to the radio about guys complaining that there are no keepers. You need to find which birds are holding the bigger fish.


I lost my biggest fish when he ripped open a snap swivel. After that I called it quits. If you are still in the water Saturday and Sunday look great.








































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