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Date:         November 2nd, 2016


Time:         7:00am  


Wind:       sw 10kts


Location:   Ocean/Moriches bay


Bait/Lure:   Storm Shad/ Diamond jigs


Fish:          Striped Bass




I'm in tears, I forgot my chip so no screen shots!To make matters worse I erased most pictures from today's trip. The pain doesn't end there. I had great underwater footage that I also erased. I have an Olympus camera that can go 50 feet under water. I had it rigged up to a rod and reel and would cast it into the bass blitzes. When I viewed the video on board it was awesome. It was footage that would  have went viral!! Maybe not, but would have been cool to post.




As for the day, it was better than yesterday! At one point Jim was approaching 40 bass. Today most bass were caught on top with swim shads. We did jig a few up. Fish were on the smaller side with a few keepers mixed in. All fish were released today.



Jim, I had a blast fishing with you today!





























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