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Date:          November 4th, 2015


Time:          6am

Wind:          Flat calm


Location:    GSB


Lure:          Tsunami Swim Shad/Danny plug


Fish:           50 bass




Another great day. They may not be the biggest bass but who cares? The bay is still loaded with bait. Today Brad, Sal and I had non-stop action for 3 hours. Once the bite slowed down we starting throwing Danny plugs in 2 feet of water and had a blast watching bass explode on the surface.


There are bass from Oakdale to Bellport and everywhere in-between. The water in the ocean is still 62 degrees while the bay is holding around 55-58 degrees.



I did fish yesterday however, we only had 5 bass. It was a tournament so we spent the day looking for big bass. we were not able to find anything worthy of weighing in.













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