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November 4th 2018


What a great day.


Brian, Sean, Bob and I headed out at first light. The inlet was a little lumpy. I'm glad that I got out around slack tide.


Once out we had a nice ocean. I know that the wind was predicted to drop out so I was desperate to find the bass ASAP. Bass love NW winds. Once we lost the winds we lost the fish.


Bob had a rough day. Brian started hot and then fizzled. Sean and I had a good time fishing the back of the boat. The first fish Sean (11yrs old) had on was a big fish. Instead of getting the net I got cocky and just tried to hoist the fish over the rail and I lost him.  I felt horrible but as you can see he bailed me out with another big fish. By the end of the trip I even had him netting my fish.


It wasn't lights out fishing but we managed 30-40 fish. All on jigs. If you are jigging and aren't catcing there is a good chance that you are jigging lazy.


The weather this week once again looks terrible. The ribs held up for most of the day. Started to get sore on the ride home. 








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