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November 4th 2019


Broke the inlet and headed towards NJ. We were looking to hook up with a ghost.  We found them but we couldn't come tight on one. We had 2 really good chances. Once they vanished and the wind started to kick up we headed back towards Fire Island. The ocean was alive, we found tons of dolphins and whales. About 10 miles south of the Jones Pencil we thought we found more tuna. We pulled up on birds going crazy well beyond the EEZ line. It turned out to be a massive amount of bass under the birds.  We decided not to pursue them. As we came back across the legal line we once again found acres of birds. For the next 2 hours we had a blast catching schoolies. They wanted nothing to do with a jig. We caught most on a 1/2 oz jighead and a 4" redbone colored Zman. They were feeding on rain bait.  It would have been awesome if we were able to hookup with a bluefin. However fishing with Roger is always a good time. I'm taking tomorrow off. 















































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