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Tuesday.. Winds were finally NW. I had 78 year old Fred on board. He crushed it. I also had JP on board as well. Just about a bass on every cast. 


Wednesday... Was a bass fisherman's dream. Cloudy, cold, rainy and hard NW winds. JP, Brad and I had a blast. Only saw 3 boats all day. Caught fish on bunker, top knocks and swim shads.


Thursday... Brad, JP, Dave and I were snake bitten by the nice weather. Will still caught about 30 bass but it wasn't lights out. Swim shads and top knocks were the key.


Friday... Was almost a repeat of Thursday, minus JP. It was all about your ability to cast. Dave struggled because he doesn't get to fish as much as Brad and I. If you hit your mark you were rewarded with a bass.




















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