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Date: November 6, 2014



Time:         12:00 am

Weather:    wind 5-10kts West


Location:    RMB


Bait/Lure:   Blue Storm Shad


Fish:           4 Bass

Largest::     30"




What a terrible fall season. I did 2 trips yesterday. I went blackfishng with Joe. As you can see from the pictures Joe is nowhere to be seen and I'm not holding a blackfish. It sucked, not one fish.

I did see one boat catch several bass. So I decided to head back out at night. Sal, Brad and I left around 11pm. It was really nice out. We made great time in the dark and got to the bridge to catch about the 3 hours of the outgoing tide. Thankfully I told the guys to bring rain gear just in case. Well, we needed it. 30 minutes after setting up, it started to rain. In fact, it didn't stop! Then the wind kicked up! What a miserable night. I ended up with just 4 fish on the night with one of them being a keeper. As for Brad and Sal, I'm glad they were there to take pictures of me and net my fish. HAAAAAAAAAA. Brad took a lot of abuse for bringing Dunkin Donuts coffee but no donuts. Who In the hell goes into DD and comes out without donuts! I decided to pull the plug around 4:45am. Not a chance in hell was I going to wait until daylight. The stressful ride home in the dark was better than not catching fish on a cold rainy damp night. Did I menetion this fall bass season sucks. I made it home just as Gina was leaving for work. How she puts up with me I have no idea.


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