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November 6th 2019


Today it was 3 fat men and a lady. We first went west however we didn't find enough to keep us there. I headed back east towards the inlet and ran into bass on top.  We ended up all alone in 70' of water. There were tons of different pods of fish. Birds were everywhere picking at the surface. Gina, Brad and I were having a blast catching bass. Bob on the other hand was struggling.  His struggles would soon come to an end. Bob keeps his drag loose but we all know that he had a good fish on. I actually took the net out for this one. Bob put us all to shame. I netted a fat 37 pound fish for him. He would later catch another nice fish that we netted. Brad's big fish came in at 25 pounds. As for Gina and I, let's just say we had a good time catching schoolies. We had some really big fish follow our lures back to the boat. All fish were caught on 1/2oz jig heads with small soft plastics. Once again congrats to Bob on a really big fish while matching the hatch (Rain Bait).













































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