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Date:         November 8th, 2016


Time:         6:00am  


Wind:       NW 5kts


Location:   Ocean


Bait/Lure:   Bunker


Fish:          Striped Bass




Had The Belz clan out today. Jake got us started with a small fish under some birds as we were ocean bound. Once in the ocean we found the bunker and some nice fish. I quickly caught a keeper. After that Jake lost a big fish at the boat. The fish made one last run and snapped the line. After Jake's heart break his Uncle Thomas landed a really nice fish. It was finally Steven's turn and he connected on a nice 30lb bass. It sounds weird but we actually all had one fish each before someone had their second.  We had a few more bass and some huge bluefish. Overall it was an A+ day. The weather was awesome.
































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