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November 8th 2018


What a great day.


Brian, Brad, Bob and I headed out at first light.  Tons of bass to the east of FI Inlet with a few bluefish mixed in.


Most of you know Bob as "Eskimo" Bob. However today he bought himself a new name. As you can see from the pictures Bob is no where to be found. He had another tough day catching dogfish. So until he redeems himself he will now be known as "Big Dog" Bob. It sounds like a cool name but I can assure you it's not.  He was a little too slow on the retrievel off the bottom and he paid the price a few times today. Bob did catch a load of bass and he had the biggest bluefish of the day.  Way to go Big Dog! 


Brad had the biggest bass of the day.  It was roughly 15 pounds.  Out of the 10 smallest fish on the day Brad had 9 of them.


That brings us to the new guy Brian. He quickly learned from his last trip out on Sunday. About half way through the morning Brian was high hook. Then he hit a wall. I can't explain it. Someone ends up going cold. Brian for the rest of the trip and perhaps forever will be known as Brian "Ice" Coffey.  Once again it sounds cool...but it's not! Yes his last name really is Coffey.


As for myself I stood in the corner of the boat watching the fishfinder. As soon as I saw fish on the finder I would scream it out.  It's awesome watching all of our rods double over at the same time. 


I can't wait to get back out there.











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