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November 8th 2019



Windy and rough. Plenty of fish. Nothing big. I'm going to sum up the day with a conversation that me and Bob had. Bob had a rough day. It wasn't easy out there today so here goes..


Our trip is coming to a close. Bob is sitting in the back jigging, he is very frustrated on how the day has gone for him. I'm standing next to him, and I’m catching a fish every time I drop down.  I turn to Bob and while I'm laughing I said to him "you have to admit this is pretty funny." He looks at me and says " I don't find it funny at all." At that moment I realize we need to head in. Inside the bay it's wind against tide. The bay is almost worse than the ocean. I take a huge spray to my face. With my face covered and dripping from water Bob turns to me and says "now that is F'ing funny." The only thing I could do was laugh. That's the type of friendship we have.  There aren't a lot of 74 year olds that would have been fishing in those conditions that we had today. Already looking forward to mine and Bob’s next adventure. 












































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