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Date:          October 10th, 2016


Time:          6:00 am & 3pm


Wind:         15NW


Location:   GSB


Bait/Lure:   Storm Shad/ Diamond jig


Fish:          Striped Bass/Fuke


They are back, nothing big but what a blast. Wind was howling out of the north and the bass were on the feed.


Ran out this morning and had about 20-30 bass. It took a while but once I figured how to get them to bite it was a steady bite for 3 hours.


I invited Brad out for the afternoon session. I thought Brad was going to throw his gear in the water. He had a very slow start to his trip and I made sure he wouldn't forget it. He did salvage his trip with 6 or 7 bass as the sun went down. Together we ended up with about 30 bass.


I caught a small fluke on a diamond jig in the morning.


Striped Bass cakes for dinner.












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