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  • October 10th 2018


    What a great day.


    This trip was supposed to take place on Tuesday but on Monday night the forecast changed and we pushed the trip back a day. I busted my hump getting live bait on Monday. I was able to get a lot of peanut bunker however, I know that they do not last long when they are penned up. Sure enough because we had to push our trip back a day the peanuts were in rough shape. It was too dark to look for new bait so we pushed off.  We got real lucky heading out. The fog had just lifted. We made it to the inlet just as we could see the buoys without the help from our radar.

    The ocean was flat and the wind was light. 10 miles out we entered a wall of fog that engulfed us for about 40 miles. Once the fog burned off it became beautiful as you can see from the photos.


    We set a course that would put us between the Hudson and the Triple Wreck. Once we arrived I got on the radio and found out that the Triple Wreck was dead. So we set a new course for the Hudson Canyon. I didn't expect much in the way of tuna but I expected the mahi to be big and plentiful. As you can see I was right. 


    Mahi fishing on light tackle is an absolute blast. We had fish all day. Roger caught the biggest. It weighed in at 21 pounds. That was the only fish caught on a jig. Everything else was caught on peanuts.


    The 2 hour ride home was nice and uneventful. 2 miles from the beach we could see a wall of fog. Having Roger on board is awesome. He works hard, stays positive and has the same electronics as I do. He fine tuned the electronics and we were able to get home safe as the fog and the setting sun made things a little more stressful.


    I might get one more shot at my favorite fish.









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