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October 11th, 2022 

My tuna trip turned into the best bass day of my life. Yes I'm aware that I said  Saturday was the best bass day of my life. That's how incredible the bite has been.  


Game plan was to push off at 2am and head to the Hudson Canyon. However while I was getting everything loaded on the boat I got a text from my buddy. He was already in the ocean heading deep and informed me that The ocean was a mess. So I delayed our trip an hour. He would eventually text me again telling me that he was only making 15 knots. A quick calculation made it clear we would be looking at probably a 5-6 hour trip to the tuna grounds. So knowing that I had a fall back plan I decided to cancel the tuna trip and at 6:30am we would head out for bass. My buddy who pushed off the dock at midnight didn't get to the tuna grounds until 7am. I'm very happy that he did very well once he arrived. Now about our bass trip...

Live bunker, swim shads and top water plugs all produced. JP broke another boat record with a 48 pound bass. I have had some great days bass fishing but once again the size of these fish is incredible. The bite lasted from sunrise until we throw in the towel around 2pm. I can't wait for the next weather window!  


Make sure you watch the video!


















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