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October 13th & 15th 2021



It's not the quantity of mahi, it's the size of the mahi that 2021 will go down as the best mahi fishing that I have ever seen. Roger and I went out on Wednesday and weren't able to find any tuna. However we ran into 3 different floating objects that were filled with mahi. It was all about live peanut bunker for us. Roger and I both lost our biggest bulls of the day. However we still landed plenty of quality fish.


On Friday, Gina, JP and I pushed off at 4am. I needed to load the boat with bait before we headed deep. Absolute disaster. I must have thrown the net 25 times trying to get bait. We left the river with only one livewell filled. I had no other bait except one flat of butterfish. We got to the inlet an hour later than I was hoping. After that our day couldn't have gone any better. on our way out we grabbed some mahi off an out of place high-flyer. After that my buddy Gary called me into a tuna bite. We were hand feeding tuna for 2 straight hours. At noon I made the decision to run to the Hudson Canyon to pot hop and look for more mahi. We were only 12 miles from the tip so it didn't take long before we were icing up some more quality mahi. With bait running low I wanted to save some for the ride home just in case we came across something floating. Sure enough we found a big weed line. The mahi we found were all 15-20 pound fish. It was chaos! It sounds crazy to leave a tuna bite but Mahi are my favorite fish that swims. Catching these fish on light spinning gear is addictive. We finally ran out of bait. If that is my last offshore trip of the year I'm ok with that. 


On a side note I have no idea how Gina puts up with me. I had her running around the boat like a chicken with no head. When she is on board I'm a happy person. She makes my job out there a lot easier.  



October 13th


October 15th

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