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Date:          October 13th, 2016


Time:          6:00


Wind:         Calm


Location:   GSB


Bait/Lure:   Storm Shad


Fish:          Striped Bass/ Bluefish





What a great morning. Woke up with a headache but got rid of it the second I saw bass busting just outside. That bite only lasted a few minutes. We hung around waiting for the fog to lift. Once it did we headed west. Found plenty of action all around the perimeter of Hecksher Park. Bob also caught a decent size bluefish. He outfished me today.



This may sound odd but it's too nice out. If I'm going to fish these bass I want white caps and my nose running. The bass seem to feed more aggressively and it's much easier to creep up to them when the wind is howling.



We actually lost a bunch of fish today.  Not just bumps, but fish that were actually hooked up for a few seconds.
















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