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Spent the last week chasing bass and albies. When I'm offshore I would rather catch nothing instead of albies. However inshore on light spinning tackle its a blast. In my neck of the woods its been a long time since we have seen this kind of albie action. The amount of ran bait is mind blowing. With all the bait these speedsters may be around for a while. I use 20lb leader, that I tie directly to the lure. I do not use "clips". Be prepared to release a few birds. You will most likely get your line tangled with a seagull or two. If you watch the video you will understand. 

Last week we had a decent pick of bass. Things will only get better from here. I expect things to bust wide open this week.

If you come across a huge tail that sticks out of the water I suggest you find a new pod to fish. 

















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