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Date: October 17, 2014



Time:         1:00 am

Weather:    wind 15kts W


Location:    RMB/


Bait/Lure:   Strm Shads/Hoggies


Fish:           2 bass/ 2 shad

Largest::     10 pounds




There is an old saying..."a bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work." My ass. We fished from 1 am to 7am and all that we caught were 2 bass and 2 shad. We were blasted by 15kt winds the whole night. I couldnt wait for the sun to come up and head home. Along with wind issues most of the lights on the Robert Moses Bridge were out. Without those lights there is no need to go night fishing. Bass use those lights to ambush their meals. If there are no lights they will go else where. I went out at night because the damn wind won't stop blowing. The ocean has been a mess. As soon as I get the chance I plan on hitting the ocean to jig up some bass and blues..stay tuned.

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