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October 20th 2019


Day 2 out of 3 for us in the Oakdale tournament. The morning was very uneventful with some small bass under the birds. At 1pm all hell broke loose. Every fish that came up was a keeper.  As you can see from the screen shots it was non-stop. We had them on bunker and  jigs.


The rain didn't stop us from continuing to fish. Once again we rolled into the dock  long after the sun had set. Thank God I get along with Roger because I have spent way more time with him than my wife these last two days. We are still holding on to the closest fish to 17.5 pounds (17.8)  However we got bumped to 3rd place even though we put a slightly bigger fish on the board today than the one we had yesterday.


I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow.
























































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