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Date:          October 21st, 2015


Time:          10:45 am


Wind:         Calm


Location:    GSB


Lure:  Diamond Jigs/Tsunami swim shads/Hogy

           Danny plug


Fish:    50-100 bass




The game plan was to wait for the ocean to settle down and then run the beach looking for bass or bluefish. I patiently waited and pushed off the dock at 10:30. I never made it anywhere near the ocean. On the way to the inlet I noticed a small splash. I turned the boat around and heaved my Danny Plug where I saw the splash. To my surprise I was hooked up with a 32" bass. In the box he went. I frantically looked around to find more but I was unable to spot anything that looked out of the ordinary.


I got the boat back up on plane and headed for the inlet. 10 seconds later I found myself doing a u-turn. For the next 6 hours I wouldn't go more than 5 minutes without catching a bass. In the beginning the fish were big and hitting my Danny Plug. As the day wore on the area was inundated with fish between 26" and 32". 


I actually had these bass all to myself for about 3 hours. As the day went on more and more birds appeared, blowing my cover. I was shocked at how many boats went right by me without stopping. This was the best day I have ever had in the back of the bay. I was speaking to another boat out there and they mentioned that they ran the beach all the way past the Ocean Beach water tower and caught nothing.












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