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I put  a lot of time on the water this week. 


Monday... Brad, JP and I had a really good day in the back bay. It wasn't lights out but from 9:30-2:30 we didn't go more than 10 minutes without hooking up.


Roger convinced me to fish the Oakdale Tournament.  How can I say no, since I have known Roger the guy is always there when I needed him.


Tuesday was our first day tournament  fishing. We had 15 bass between 40'-45" all on live bait.


Day two was a little hectic. I had to drop my boat off for maintenance and pick it up.  So that kept us in the back bay targeting slot fish. We caught a bunch and a few blues.


Day three we poked out of the inlet and headed east. I have never seen that many birds and so much bait. However we only managed a few fish. 


We had a bunch of fish on the board however our pockets were empty. I always have a blast fishing with Roger!

Not happy with all of this SW wind that we are experiencing. I might have to travel a bit to find the bass this week....Hint, Hint.



















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