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Date:          October 24th, 2016


Time:         6:30am   


Wind:        10-20kts WNW


Location:   Patchogue


Bait/Lure:   Storm Shad


Fish:          Striped Bass



Fished with my buddy Jim this morning. We were able to scratch out a few fish. We had five fish in total. I'm losing my patience with this wind. Not the biggest fish but grateful to bend a rod on a morning with gusts blowing over 20kts.  Jim's in-between boats so I think he was happy to bend the rod a few times. We ran all the way East. Once we hit the old inlet and realized we couldn't get to fish it because of extreme low tides we turned around and headed back to the west. Poked around a few spots and found a few schoolies. I think the rain from the other day really shut down the bite. The water is very dirty.




















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