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Date:          October 27th, 2016


Time:         1:30pm  


Wind:        10-20kts WNW


Location:   Ocean


Bait/Lure:   Storm Shad


Fish:          Striped Bass? False Albies






How many? Just about a fish on every cast. Ran from Moriches to FI inlet. Bass were on Rain bait, peanut bunker and mullet. Most fish were between 26"-35".


We got a late start so we decided to fish the bridge at night. Huge mistake. I counted 22 boats. We caught a bunch of fish in the area before we called it quits around 8:30pm.


I normally fish the bridge very late into the morning. I'm usually the only boat. On top of that it's a lot less stressful running home at day break than in the middle of the night after fishing for 7 hours. The body was tired and cold last night.



I came home to a big bowl of stew... Thanks smalls.



Don't forget to click on photos to enlarge. I should have never zoomed in while I was filming. Lesson learned.




















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