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Date:          October 29th, 2015


Time:          7am & 3pm


Wind:          west  20kts


Location:    GSB


Lure:          Tsunami Swim Shad


Fish:          20 bass





Went out twice today.


I woke up and saw rain but light winds. I grabbed my gear and off I went. The birds were very scattered. I was only able to land one bass; in fact I lost him at the boat. I marked a ton of bait and fish. I knew sooner or later the bass would go on the feed. So I went home and prayed that the winds would let me back out.


When I got back to the dock I invited my buddy Bob out with me later. The forecast was for a very windy afternoon, gusts up to 30kts. I thought Bob might back out because when 3pm rolled around it was windy. Very windy! I was so convinced that the bass would be there I was going with or without Bob. As I pushed off Bob was right next to me. As we hit the mouth of the canal we were blasted with some stiff west winds. I quickly got the boat up and running and within 5 minutes we found a flock of birds diving. It's usually a bad thing when someone hooks up on their first cast but I'm happy to report that Bob not only caught a fish on his first cast, he also caught about 10 more bass. This guy is 70 and we are running and gunning bass in 20kt winds. I hope to be doing that when I'm his age. We ended with about 20 bass. We had 1 keeper. You needed to be upwind of the birds today. It was too difficult to cast into the wind.













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