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October 29th 2019


Bob and I drove around the bay  in the mist this morning. We were able to locate a few birds pecking away at the surface. We found bass feeding on peanut bunker below them. All fish were shorts. All fish were caught on Tsunami Swim Shads. Not a bad way to spend a misty tuesday morning in late October.


Here is a fact you didn't know about me... This Friday and Saturday are two of my favorite days of the year. It's the Breeders Cup. It's the super bowel of horse racing. I would actually miss a day of fishing too watch these races (5 on Friday and 9 on Saturday). By watch I mean bet! However, becuase it is on the west coast this year I won't need to miss a fishable day. That's becuase the races start later in the day.  Those of you who may enjoy the races I wish you good luck. I'm going to make a cup of tea and print out all the PPs. I have some studying to do.















































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