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Monday... Went east. JP, Brad, Michael and I had the whole place to ourselves. we came upon a huge bunker pod that was filled threshers, dolphin, whales, giant bluefin and all the bass you could want. 


Tuesday... went east again with the same guys. It took a little while but once the bite turned on it got silly


Thursday... Brad and I went east again and it was a tough pick with just 12 bass. 


Friday... Chip, JP and I headed west. Insane bite among the fleet of 300 boats. Chip caught his personal best bass. He did a great job considering that was his first time live-lining bunker. 

This may sound nuts but I'm not happy with the amount of bass that I'm catching. The last 3 years we haven't really had a jig bite. Most of the fish that we are catching in the ocean are on bunker pods. Where are the insane bass blitzes under the birds? Normally this time of the year we would have acres of bass on top anytime you went out in the ocean. There is still time however I'm not hopeful. Please keep in mind I'm referring to the areas I usually fish. Moriches to Jones inlet. 

This upcoming weeks weather looks good for a bunch of trips. 

If you are fishing bunker pods and you want to use swim shads make sure you are using the heavy ones. Let your shad hit the bottom before you start to reel. Use a slow retrieval. 


















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