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Date:          October 31st, 2015, afternoon


Time:          3pm


Wind:          NW  5kts


Location:    GSB


Lure:          Tsunami Swim Shad


Fish:          50 bass




All hell broke loose in the afternoon. After a slow start I was able to locate a bunch of birds away from the fleet. Bob out-fished Gina and I. However I was about to recieve some good karma. A seagull got tangled in my line. I was very gentle with the bird despite the bird biting me a few times. I had no choice but to cut my line so I could free the bird. I did the right thing and watched him fly way in great shape. Here comes karma in the shape of a 23 pound fat bass. Took a quick picture and off he went. The fishing was so intense we actually stayed in the same spot for an hour. Please don't let this end!













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