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October 3rd 2020


Absolutely amazing! The trip didn't start off that way. Scroll down and take a look at the last picture. As we were making our way through the bay the boat all of a sudden felt as if we hit bottom. Impossible, we were in 8' of water. I stop the engines and lift them out of the water. That black thing is what I pulled from my starboard prop. Luckily it didn't cause any damage! So off we went. The moon was a nice addition to a usually very dark ride. It was a little bumpy with a 13kt wind out of the NW.  We pull up to our numbers just as the sun was on the horizon and I can tell Daniel isn't doing well. That's two trips in a row that we have a man down. There is nothing that can be done. Being seasick is not a medical  emergency. Dan did his best to hang in there. The bite was fast and furious from the second we got there. Within 40 minutes we had 4 fish in the box. Normally I try to limit one fish per man but I know my buddy Tony wanted to smoke a bunch for the holidays. So between the 4 of us we took 6 home. After about an hour and a half the bite died and we decided to high speed troll for wahoo. We trolled for about 10 miles to the south. After striking out we decided to go back to tuna fishing. Some how we found fish that were even more aggressive than the ones when we first arrived. It got crazy. I watched a 70 pound yellowfin come out of the water and inhale my peanut bunker 5 feet from the boat. When guys no longer want to reel in fish it means it time to go. We pulled the plug around 12:30. However before we could we needed to get Daniel on a fish. I'm sure it wasn't easy but he went start to finish and boated another really nice yellow. You know you are hanging out with the right bunch of people in life when you see how excited they get when the sick guy puts one in the boat. I'm sure Daniel will never skip taking his Dramamine again..😜. Big thank you to my buddy Tony. The guy is a work horse not just when he is on his boat, but on mine also. He made my job a lot easier out there. It's been the greatest tuna season that I have ever seen. 

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