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Date: October 6, 2014



Time:         6:30 am

Weather:    winds s 15-20kts


Location:    RMB


Bait/Lure:   Live Green Crabs


Fish:           30 Blackfish/ 2 Trigger

Largest::     18"




Sorry about the pictures, We were fishing the shady side of the bridge. I knew we had to fish fast. Winds were going to pick up early in the morning. As the tide died the fish really started to chew. However the winds began to pick up. We were able to put a keeper blackfish in the boat along with the trigger fish Mike is holding. Around 9 am we went on the East side of the bridge to catch the outgoing tide. We had fish right away however once the tide got going the bite shut down. We are 2 days away from a full moon so you have tides that run fast. Water temps still a little on the warm side.

Look for some better reports once this wind dies down and we get past these full moon tides.

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