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October 6th 2019


Brad and I headed out last night at 10pm. The winds were howling!   We headed to the RMB. Once we got there, we picked up a few fish. To my surprise one of them was a big weakfish. They really are all over the place. The bite was very slow. In fact at 2:30am I told Brad that we should cut our losses and head home. I was dreading the ride home. So I gave it a few more minutes. Due to the way the boat was drifiting we were able to hit every piling by just bumping the boat in and ouf of gear. Every now and then one of us would pick up a fish or get a "bump." It's now 3am, we are running out of pilings and our morale is low.  On Brad's last cast of the night he hooks up. That one cast would change everything. For the next three hours we had fish on every dift. They were stacked up in one spot.  All the bass were shorts.


It was tough on my eyes going in and out of the bridges lights.


With a sore back and some very tired eyes we headed home at sun up. Kudos to us for hanging in there despite some tough conditions. 


All fish were caught on Tsunami 6" Swim Shads. 
















































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