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Date:          October 7th, 2015


Time:          6:45 am


Wind:         North 10kts


Location:    RMB


Bait/Lure:   Green Crabs


Fish:          40 Blackfish    


Joe spent most of the morning tying on new rigs. Everytime he re-rigged he got snagged within a few minutes. Luckily he didn't miss anything because he kept getting snagged while the tide was ripping and the fish weren't biting. We ended the day with 3 keepers. The action was great around slack tides. I was able to use those popular blackfish jigs during slack and they worked great!


The nearest boat to our south was doing really well catching bass on clams. I also heard that it's go time on the outside. Bass and blues to the east. Jig 'em, up!!!I













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