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Date:          October 8th, 2015


Time:          6:45 am


Wind:         North 10kts


Location:    East of FI inlet


Bait/Lure:   Diamond JIgs


Fish:          all that you wanted    





IIt's on! Broke the inlet, turned the boat east and encountered millions of bunker. I have never seen so many bunker. It seemed like every pod had fish on them.

Our best fishing took place when we were away from the pods in 60 feet of water. We didn't have any bass today but we had a blast. We might of had a better chance at some bass if we were willing to snag and drop some bunker down. However I love jigging. My buddy Ray has fished before but I don't think he had ever experienced a day like today.  He was loving it. It was fun for me to watch how excited he was.

Ray had the biggest fish of the day. His big blue weigh 16lbs. It was weighed on a digital hand scale. There were a lot of false albies mixed in. As you can see I was able to catch one. You normally don't catch them on 6oz diamond jigs. Ray hooked one also but the fish eventually spit the hook. Ray also got to see a couple of whales feeding. These whales were in 40 feet of water about 1/2 mile of the beach. The best screen shot of the day is the one located in the top right. Once you click on it you can clearly see that the huge school of bait is being pursued by bass and blues. What a great day on the water!











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