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September 13th 2019


Another great day close to home. Bob called me around 7am and I told him that it would be to windy to fish. So off to the supermarket I went. As soon as I got back I called Bob and told him to meet me at the boat in 15 minutes. We figured how bad could it actually be. Life is too short to miss a day of fishing. The buoy showed wind speeds of 17.5knts with gusts to 21knts. We didn't mind neither did the fish. Once again we caught a ton of weakfish. Bob even put a nice 21" fluke on ice. Neither of us eat weakfish so they always get released. I stepped up to a 1oz jig head today. I used a Zman scented curly tail. The lure lasted the entire day. I may be done buying Gulp. I hope to put Gina on some weakfish tomorrow. I'm sure I will see a few of you guys out there.
































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