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Date: September 15, 2014



Time:         10:00 am

Weather:   winds NE 10-15 5kts


Location:    EVERYWHERE


Bait/Lure:   Live Peanut Bunker


Fish:           20 Black Seabass

Largest::     15"



I haven't stop fishing! Very rarely does something come before fishing. However me and Gina have been in the process of taking care of a few things at the house as we work towards our CO. We did get out the other day. It was supposed to be beautiful out. Light winds and smooth seas. The plan was to head out about 20 miles and look for some mahi. That plan changed as soon as we broke the inlet. We were greeted with choppy seas and the dreaded NE wind. We ended up hitiing a wreck ( USS San Diego ) for some sea bass. We caught a bunch but nothing to get excited over. After that we headed over to the FI reef for some fluking. By the time we got there the weather they predicted for the morning was now upon us. A little too late, with no drift, fluking never got going. As I looked out into the distance it was very tempting to pick up and head deep. However it was already 2pm so we decided to call it a day.

The second half of my fishing season is just about to break wide open. Blackfish season opens in a few weeks. Albies, blues and bass are here...just not in huge numbers yet. If the fall run is anything like last year I'm going to be exhausted. 

I threw the cast net today. I'm going to give mahi one last shot. I got an invite on my buddy's boat out of Shinnecock. Stay tuned - it's about to get insane.


Here is some interestingi nformation about the wreck that we fished: San Diego's essential mission was the escort of convoys through the first dangerous leg of their passages to Europe. Based on Tompkinsville, N.Y., and Halifax, N.S., she operated in the weather-torn, submarine-infested North Atlantic safely convoying all of her charges to the ocean escort. On 19 July 1918, bound from Portsmouth, N.H., to New York, San Diego was torpedoed by the German submarine U-156 southeast of Fire Island. The cruiser sank in 28 minutes with the loss of 6 lives, the only major warship lost by the United States in World War I.

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