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September 16th 2019


Rich, Brian and I pushed off at 2am. We ran into the Patchogue River to get some peanuts. Once we loaded up the livewells we headed towards FI Inlet. We broke the inlet at 4am. Thankfully the ride out in the dark was uneventful. We set up for  the troll in the Hudson just after 7am. We found plenty of dolphin and pilot whales. What we didn't find were tuna. Around 11am I pulled the plug and we started to pot hop. As you can see from the video you could have caught all the mahi you wanted. Nothing big but  plenty of nice filets.


It was Rich's first trip to the edge and I was a little bummed that I couldn't  put him on any tuna. The good news is I got along with him great. You will see him back on my boat again. It's nice fishing with other boat oweners. They get it!


Back to the weakfish.

































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