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  • September 16th 2018






    What a day!


    All mahi were caught on live bunker and poppers. This trip came togther at the last minute. I was supposed to fish today but plans fell through. So Gina and I ran around the house like a couple of chickens with no heads. We have a good system. I handle all things boat/fishing related and Gina handles food, clothing and beverages.


    We started the day in the Patchogue River getting peanut bunker. You are crazy if you head out looking for mahi without any live bait. Because of the time, I figured this was going to be a mahi type of day and I was right.


    We were into 15-20 pound mahi all day long. 15-20 pound mahi don't seem that big however keep in mind this is New York not Florida. Also these fish were caught only 20-25 miles out,

    nowhere near the edge..


    On the way out we cruised at 36mph. The water was blue and still 74 degrees. The ocean layed down even more for the ride home. We came back to the inlet doing 42mph.


     We also caught a few false albies.


     I'm starting to get better at editing my   videos.  I  have learned how to do a few cool   features.


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