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Decided not to run early with the fear of hitting something in the dark from hurricane Lee. By the time we got to the tuna grounds it was already 9am. We did make a pit stop to grab 5 mahi off a floating stick that had some weird drape thing hanging underneath it. Word on the tuna fish. I lasted all of 30 minutes before I pulled the plug and headed for some pots. we covered a lot of ground but we were rewarded with a lot of nice size mahi. We hit the jack pot when we found a floating construction cone.


Chris O'shea had the biggest of the trip, he actually lost another one that looked to be bigger then the one he is holding.  I hope to get a few more shots at my favorite fish that swims in the ocean.


Using spearing really helps stir them up.


If they have lock jaw try throwing a popper. If they won't chase a popper its time to move on











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